Kerio Connect for WHMCS

We have just released a Kerio Connect addon for WHMCS.

Kerio Connect Addon

Under construction

We got a new website and lot of the content is being moved. Please be patient with us during this time.


A lot of things have happened since some years ago. We (or let us say I, the author) made a lot of software around 1998-99 and this was run when I was taking IT-studies.  This was the time for PHP Classifieds. DeltaScripts was just a hobby project, but there was some money in it – at least for a student. As most followers would know, PHP Classifieds was full open source and no license system other than “please pay if you are commercial company” for most of the years.

Then followed a “real” job as a software developer company with .NET, that took a lot of focus and energy. But I still managed to keep DeltaScripts afloat with a great user community. One challenge I really felt on, was that I was trying to implement tons of features that was suggested by user input and this made the project bigger and bigger. I also implemented a license system that kind of worked, just encrypted one single file.

During that time, I started a data center company and quit my full time job after 3 years. Then a lot of stuff happened, the software was distributed for free due to someone posted full version on different forums and a lot of low-price scripts that was just a clone appeared. So income dropped and it was so massive work to be done to release a totally new version.

Now, it is actually 20 years since I started this company and it is time to start fresh. There has really been created a lot of software by us already, but it is not published here yet. Since there is a lot of work on this website and the support system around it, it will still take some time.

Plan ahead

I really felt we learned a lot of previous experience and I know now that implementing features should not be first priority. The coding and the hole process with demo-sites and distribution is also better. We will start with releasing one and one program from now on and adding more content. Even PHP Classifieds is totally new – it will not be based on anything we had before. It is simply to much old code that is not compatible on modern platforms.


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