DS Inventory - Overview

DS Inventory Manager lets you maintain perfect inventory of computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones and other devices in a organization. It supports unlimited fields and is really fast and easy to use.

Keep track of where each laptop is and who is responsible for it. You can even change status of it or rent it out. The list of vendors can be unlimited and you can edit each screen in different tabs to keep the user interface nice and clean.

Inventory Manger can really be used to track ANY inventory – not just electronic devices.

DS Inventory Manger is made in PHP and can be installed locally or at any webhost by yourself for a low one-time fee.


Our system is designed to be easy to use and look good. It might look simple, but it can basically do everything related to inventory and lists for IT-management and service personel.


Top features in the program

Our most popular features we want to tell you about.


All inventory located at same place for eash view and search. You can change all fields.


Create unlimited tags in advance that can be attached to each device and searched/filtered on.


Keep track of what computer/server has what IP, along with hostname and optional MAC-entries.


Keep track of what OS, SQL-server and other software you use for each machine.


Add as many locations you want. In form of rooms, floors, buildings or other places.


Every single field can be moved or added - and even connected to other screens.


Add pictures of the inventory or upload receipts. You can even upload the manual or warranty.


Program is fast and easy to install with a few clicks in our wizard.

See more features on the Inventory Manager Features Page.

Usage scenarios

  • In an IT-department in a business or a school
  • IT-support in a global company
  • Data Lab  in a teaching facility
  • Business that needs to have inventory of their staffs laptop and devices
  • Other places that needs simple inventory that can be expanded
  • Replace Excel for simple lists
  • Service department/manager at large complex
  • It is so flexible, it’s impossible to list it all
  • Inventory Lists for the office or insurance-company?


Database and extra fields

Each field you add is stored in a very normalized database-model. This means that your database will look good and easy to read even after hundred of thousands of records. In many other solutions, extra fields is stored in a limited way – in our solution, your extra-field is stored just like native coding would do it. Click here to see a screenshot of the DB-field-editor.

Language friendly

All strings in our inventory-sofware are stored from admin-area and you can override all of our translations – or just some – and search on them. When we release new translations, your own will be kept intact as long as you wish. If you are happy with our language, you can be kept updated about new strings and auto-updated.

IP Address List Manager

Keep a perfect IP-address list over your servers and network equipment in your organization. Each IP can be reserved and commented on – and of course attached to a device used or loaned by an employee. Why not keep a track over who owns what and get rid of IP-conflicts with low-cost software like this.

Tag every inventory

You can create as many tags as you want and this is more powerful than you might think. Your tags can be software, hardware, racks, servers, buildings, license and much, much more!

Made with the software we love

DS Inventory Manager is made for running on Linux/Apache with PHP 7 (PHP 5.6 works).  MariaDB (MySQL) is the database-storage solution for it. Program can run on even low-cost shared web hosting.

How to get it

Price is only EUR 279 per per domain.

Purchase your copy today!
Demo Area v1.0
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Password: admin


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