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Make a Professional Link Portal and Review-site with this fast and easy script. It was originally developed to create a very easy link portal with local resources/cloud services, where all items was added from Admin area. But it it also have a link-suggestion with instant publish, so users can suggest links as well. In addition, users can post reviews that appear in a nice way.

Front-end is coded using very simple Bootstrap  3 and to look good on both mobile and iPad/Android-systems.

You can expand admin-area to include unlimited number of fields.



Our system is designed to be easy to use and look good.




The script is using Smarty and Bootstrap/Font-Awesome Free. This makes the design super easy to customize to your own layout and keeping the code clean and nice. If you don’t know webdesign, you will still be able to run a complete Link Directory or Review-site out of the box with a nice, clean look.

Smarty is a template system that lets you use html – but include special words in the html that will be replaced with content from the MySQL/Maria-database.

Read more about how easy it is to customize here.

Tags and filtering

As admin, you can add unlimited tags and put on each link/review-object. These tags appear on the detailed-page for the object and on every page (by default in the footer) and you can customize it even further. The tags are searchable, so you can filter review/link-objects by tags.


You can view the program in live action at a norwegian service Skykart.no, screenshot from tablet below. This is the same script used, only a few CSS and template changes. Using the template-system (Smarty), you can practically do anything with it.



Introduction Price

Price is only EUR 249 per per domain.

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