DS Links - Features

The program comes with many features and is powerful on the admin-side of it. You can add unlimited admin-fields to keep track of your resources.

    • Link Indexing and review-catalog
    • User can suggest Links/items, admin approves and can add more info.
    • Link Check that disables resources that is not valid any more.
    • Unlimited number of links and categories.
    • Optional font awesome icon, image and/or only text on each category.
    • Add Custom text-pages and attach it to the top menu.
    • MasterPage-template style – change only one Smarty-file and design is changed on ALL sub-pages as well.
    • Choose Features ads and Featured Categories (will show up on frontpage).
    • Users can submit their review of a Link.
    • Admin can add tags and put them on each item (new!).
    • Tags appear on every page (footer, new!).
    • Tags appear on the detailed page for the link-object/item.
    • By click on tags, it will filter the list of items/links based on the tag.
    • Translatable from admin-area, with override-option.
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