Coding Style

We are not simply “just another” developement company. Our goal is to make software that will be here tomorrow and still work 100%.

All our code and language-strings are kept updated. We aim at keeping our software simple to code, maintain and update, while still following the rules for standarization/normalization of the database-tables and their relations.

Template files and layout

On the front end side, you will typicall find this:

index.php (handles all requests using FallbackResource, similar to mod_rewrite, only simplier)
— code/inc-login.php
— code/inc-categories.php
— template/inc-login.tpl
— template/inc-categories.tpl

We have used a concept called MasterPage.TPL with ONE template for entire application.
Very simplified, it looks like this:


include login
include registration
include categories
include everything


Inside the body-part, the categories, login, registration and all front-end stuff will be included or pulled into.
This means that your webdesigner can just design ONE page and have most of the site done fast. For more details in the look, you can then look at the inc-templates to customize it even further.

So, in short, MasterPage is the master/head of all design. Edit one file and you edit basically the outline of the entire website. Before, you had to divide your code into header, footer and so on, but this makes it faster and more logic.

Translation and upgrade friendly

The Admin-area is connected to a translation portal here at DeltaScripts, where we update and date-stamp every single translation in all our software. By a click on a button in your own admin-area, you will get the latest translated strings or updates in 2 seconds. If there are new ones, your own database is updated.

You can override our translations from your own admin area. This will only override the single entry and you can delete it later if you want. If you upgrade, your single translation will be kept. So this is a very upgrade friendly system.


All our programs use the same admin-interface, developed by us during the last 3 years. This interface lets us add real database fields and setup relationships between different tables in a very efficent way never seen before and all of translations, setup and admin is done from here. The interface using bootstrap, ajax and datatables to be very modern and flexible – timeless!


We have developed a system that lets us upgrade and edit the admin-area for ALL our programs using the same code. When we add new features to one program, ALL our programs will have benefit from this. It also contains functions for letting us publish dev-area to a test-area, demo-area, zip-area and so on. This makes it very easy for us to test and distribute PHP-software. We can almost make a new software in one day using such a flexible setup.

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